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    Fungus Control

    Ever had that spot in the yard that looks like you spilled some fertilizer or some other product that killed the lawn?  Then you noticed the spot magically get bigger and bigger each day.

    What you have is a fungus.  Most fungus occurs when you have moist conditions that never have a chance to properly dry out which can happen quite frequently in our Nebraska weather. Cultural practices such as aeration and not overwatering do help, but under many circumstances there is nothing that can be done other than apply a fungicide.

    There is not one fungicide that is the single answer to all fungicides.  We have been an expert in identifying funguses and can help determine what product and when to apply the proper fungicide.

    Fungus Control is best when done as a preventative measure before any fungus is seen or started. Applying the proper fungicide early can save money and your lawn.